Hello 2018: My annual non-New Year’s resolution blog post

Welcome to another edition of my annual non-New Year’s resolution blog post, where I list my top three goals for the year to come: one fitness-related, one professional, and one personal.

I started publicly sharing my goals back in 2012 as a way to keep myself accountable, but also so I could look back and see where I was at the time fitness-wise, professionally and personally.

My 2012 and 2013 years were tough professionally and personally, as I was leaving one long-term relationship and moving into another, and transitioning from a tough contract job into a government position. In 2011 I completed my first triathlon and was a running machine, signing up for almost every local race I could afford. But in 2013 my focus shifted, and for some reason I made it my goal to “have abs” in 2013. I’m glad I decided to run my first ultra instead. That’s a much more bad-ass goal. (more…)

Everything you need to see and do while on vacation in Maui: Part 1

Happy Monday! It’s back to reality for me this week after what seemed like months of holiday bliss. I had 10 days off a Christmas; went back to work for a week and a bit; celebrated my 32nd birthday weekend by going out for dinner with Matt, hitting the trails with Debbie, brunching with friends and spending a day at my favourite spa; and jetting off to Maui for two glorious weeks with Matt and his parents.

This was my fourth time in Maui, and I’m glad we decided to go for two weeks instead of just one. You really can’t do everything in one week and feel relaxed (the mistake we made last time). Not that you have to do and see things every day, but with so much cool stuff do and see there, why not spend two weeks in paradise? And with four people splitting the cost of food, the rental car and accommodation, it didn’t end up being that much more expensive (though overall it was expensive — the CAD dollar sucks right now in the US).

Since I know a few people heading to Maui or are thinking about heading there this year, I thought I’d finally write a blog about everything you need to see and do while on vacation in Maui! (more…)

My Annual Non-New Year’s Resolution Post: 2014 Goals

Me at the top of Haleakalā in Maui in March 2013

Me at the top of Haleakalā in Maui in March 2013

Has it seriously been 365 days since my last non-New Year’s resolution post? It felt like 2013 flew by in a blur of awesomeness. A lot of wonderful, fun and challenging things happened for me in 2013, including getting a full-time, permanent job with the government (medical and dental FTW); going on vacation with my boyfriend to Maui;  celebrating my grandma’s 90th birthday in Oyama with my whole family (before she passed away less than month later); watching my best friend get married; completing my first 50 km trail race in one piece; and running a super fast marathon time without training. (more…)

7 Trails to Run Before You Die (Hawaii Edition): Pipiwai Trail

Running in the bamboo forest.

Running in the bamboo forest.

So I didn’t run any Vancouver Island trails last weekend, because I was too busy VACATIONING IN MAUI! Yes, it was amazing and wonderful and we had a blast. I didn’t do much running, or any kind of working out for that matter (except for lifting five bottles worth of wine to my lips in a large wine glass… does that count?), but we did go for a little hike/run on the incredibly scenic Pipiwai Trail on Maui’s east coast.

I think you’d be hard pressed to find another trail in existence that gives you so much dramatic scenery in such a short distance. The Pipiwai Trail, located along the road to Hana in Haleakala National Park, is only 3 kilometres from the trail head to the breathtaking Waimoku Falls, which cascades down a sheer rock face from 400 feet above you at the end of the trail. We ended up hiking on the way there (obviously, so much to see and side trails to explore, plus plenty of Instagram moments!) and running back. The hike in took about an hour, and the run back was only 25 minutes. Besides several stunning waterfalls, other trail highlights include an infinity pool, deep water-filled caverns, caves, Hawaiian jungle, a massive banyan tree, a kilometre of bamboo forest, stunning natural pools and a turquoise-blue ocean crashing into black lava cliffs.


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