Results of my #evenbetter 5K run challenge with Ocean Spray® – Did I get faster?

Challenging myself to be #evenbetter resultsTwo weeks ago, I shared that I was hoping to improve my 5K run time—which was hovering around a 5:30-per-kilometre pace since my last marathon in February thanks to minimal running and preferring strength training over cardio in general—in an attempt to get faster to prepare myself for those speedy tempo runs as part of my next round of Boston Qualifier marathon training. I set the goal as part of the #evenbetter challenge with Ocean Spray®, which meant I had to set a healthy goal I could obtain within two weeks, make myself accountable to it by announcing it on my blog, and update my readers and social media followers about my progress in reaching said goal over the next two weeks.

As part of the challenge, Ocean Spray® sent me three flavours of their PACt® Cranberry Extract Waters (Cranberry Pomegranate, Cranberry Raspberry and Cranberry Mango Passionfruit) to help keep me hydrated, which I downed after my runs and brought to work with me to encourage me to drink more water during the day. (more…)