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{Friday Favourites} Awesome personal training client progress and long weekend camping

Life In LeggingsHappy Friday, friends! I’m linking up with the lovely Heather of Life in Leggings today to share a few things that have made me happy this week, since yesterday’s post was a bit depressing again. Sorry about that.

This amazing feedback from one of my online coaching clients

Since I launched my personal training business in the fall of 2014, it’s been growing steadily and I now have several online and in-person clients. I have been able to drop the book editing side job all together as the income I’m making from training is starting to surpass that. Coaching is also something I love to do and am passionate about, which makes it even better that I’m actually earning (part of) a living from it. Though I became a certified strength and conditioning specialist and began training clients so I could write with more authority on the topic of fitness (it really does help when you’re pitching articles to magazines if you have some letters after your name), I truly love helping people and making a difference in their lives. I don’t really get that with my day job as a government communications advisor, but this whole training-and-coaching thing has satisfied that desire in me to serve others. I feel more balanced in my life having both a behind-the-scenes professional writing job and a people-facing service job. (more…)

#WorkoutWednesday: Total-body strength circuit with modifications for beginners to advanced

Happy #WorkoutWednesday! If you’re looking to get started with a resistance training program — or maybe you’re looking to mix up your current routine — I’ve got just the workout for you. I created this video and program as part of a fitness challenge group I hosted in January. It requires minimal equipment, works all major muscle groups and is something you can easily do at home. It’s the first workout of two meant to be performed 2-3 times per week on alternating days with a rest day in between. I will post the second workout, workout B, next Wednesday 🙂

What you need:

  • 8-15lbs set of dumbbells
  • Yoga mat

The workout:


Arm circles  1 2 easy Forward and backward 12 rotations
Sun salutations 3 1 easy Down dog to cobra pose and back up
Leg swings 1 8 each side easy Swing front to back and side to side
Knee up/backwards lunge/stretch 1 8 each side medium Knee up, step back w/ same leg, stretch arm up on same side
Side lunge w/ 5lb weight 1 8 each side medium Lunge and push weight out in front


Alternate workouts grouped by letter (A, B, C) until all sets are complete. For example, complete one set of workout 1A, rest for 30 seconds, then complete one set of 2A. Rest again, then repeat two more times before moving on the the next grouped set.

1A. Goblet squat 3 8 to 10 10-20lbs 30 secs
2A. Walking lunge w/weight/twist 3        12 10 lbs 30 secs Take 12 steps (6 each leg) forward alternating and twist towards the leading leg when you lunge. Do lunge w/o twist if you have lower back issues.
3B. Glute bridge 3     10 to 12 10 lbs 30 secs Advance: hold a 10-20 lbs dumbbell on your hips.
4B. Side lunge w/ weight  3     10 to 12 5-10lbs 30 secs Lunge and push weight out in front. Beginners, don’t use a weight.
5C. Push up  3         8 BW none Beginners: from knees. Advanced: from toes.
6C. Donkey kick  3  8 each side BW none Kick back behind you on hands and knees. Advanced, try yoga variation.
7C. Plank 3 Hold for 30-50 sec none

Koru Personal Training Giveaway!

giveawayMy Koru Personal Training Facebook page has reached 100 likes, so to celebrate this milestone I’m hosting a little giveaway!

The prize:

The contest is open from October 5 to October 27. I will announce the winner via Facebook and/or Twitter, so make sure you’re following/like Koru Personal Training on Facebook and following @korufitness on Twitter!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The 3 biggest roadblocks to weight loss and how to break through them

timber8Sometimes you find inspiration for blog posts in the most unlikely places and situations.

I just finished an intensive three-day change management course for my real job as a corporate communications advisor. I had to participate in several break-out sessions, give a presentation, and write an exam. Along with all the notes I jotted down pertaining to work projects and organizational change management over the three days, I wrote down this blog post title on a sticky note.

A strength and conditioning coach is kind of like a change manager. We help our clients work through a change to achieve their desired outcomes or goals. In the case of business, this is usually financial success. In the case of fitness, this is usually weight loss, an improvement in aesthetics or an improvement in overall health and wellness. (more…)

Marathon training update (and more exciting announcements!)

Yesterday's long run.

Yesterday’s long run.

Seven weeks to go until the Victoria Marathon.

I’m finally into those long, grueling 30 km-plus marathon training runs now. Due to sickness and social events, I modified my BQ marathon training plan slightly throughout July and August, but am now back on track. I decided to add a 15 km race into the plan, as it’ll be a good tune up for race day… plus, the start/finish is just a few steps outside of my front door. How could I not?

I’ve been sticking close to my target training pace of 6 minutes per kilometre, which is pretty far off my target marathon pace but fast enough for me in this summer heat. So far I’ve gone 24, 27 and 30 km without issues. I’m now into high mileage/low mileage weeks (where one week is particularly hard and the other is a recovery week), so I did 26 km yesterday. My legs wanted to pick up the pace a bit, so yesterday I ran at about a 5:39 pace and felt good. I’ve been making time to stretch and foam roll afterwards, which has been helping with recovery. (more…)

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