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Product Review: NEW Vega Sport Performance Protein

The kind folks over at Vega sent me a few samples packs of their new Sport Performance Protein to try last week, which of course I was super stoked about because I already use most of their product line and love it all. Since I don’t eat four-legged animals and consume minimal poultry and fish, I use Vega to meet my daily protein, essential amino acid and iron requirements and to help my body recover properly from marathon training and strength training.

new vega sport performance protein

In fact — and according to my doctor — if I wasn’t using Vega I’d probably be anemic right now, since I already eat a ton of iron-rich plant foods such as spinach, goji berries, dark chocolate, whole grains, nuts and legumes every day (especially the dark chocolate part). He told me this after I had my blood tested last week — apparently I’m just staying afloat iron-wise with a ferritin level of 18 (since my hemoglobin is good I’m not anemic), but I have nothing left in the tank. He told me I should keep doing what I’m doing but could benefit from a 60mg dose more per day, so I opted to get a ferrous sulfate supplement to stock up my iron reserves. Otherwise I’d be drinking Vega smoothies (or eating animals, which I won’t do) for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

But anyway — on to the review! (more…)

Paleo shmaleo: Why I don’t eat red meat (or much of any animal food, for that matter)

A typical day of macro and micronutrient consumption, sans meat.

A typical day of macro and micronutrient consumption, sans meat.

Since all of us endurance sport and fitness folks love to talk about food and debate endlessly about what diet works best based on x goals, here are some interesting stats about mine (paleo people, you might want to cover your ears): I eat close to 300 grams of carbohydrates every day. That makes up about 60% of my macronutrient ratio, for all you IIFYM people. I don’t eat dairy or red meat, and eat very little poultry and fish. All the fats I consume come in the form of plants: peanut butter, olive oil, coconut oil and cocoa butter. The majority of the protein I consume also comes from plants. I also eat a crap-load of grains (earmuffs, paleo lovers, earmuffs!)


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