Product Review: HUM Nutrition supplements

Although the majority of us probably DON’T need to waste our money on vitamins and supplements to be healthy human beings, some of us — like female endurance athletes who live in Canada, are vegetarian, have poor circulation and wacky hormones (*cough* me) — might need to take supplements to support their health to help them continue to do the activities they love.

HUM Nutrition review


Because I run marathons, work out six days a week and don’t eat red meat, my doctor suggested I take zinc and magnesium (since I sweat pretty much every day) and iron (I’m borderline anemic but my levels have improved quite a bit with supplementation). And because I’m female with a problematic gut, my doctor also suggested I take calcium (when I don’t eat yogurt), a probiotic for my gut health and vitamin D in the winter.

These are the essential vitamins and minerals I need to add in daily (depending on my diet and the time of year) to support my health so I can keep running marathons and doing other active things I love as recommended by my doctor. And I suggest you also visit your doctor FIRST if you’re not feeling your best to see if you might be lacking in an essential vitamin, mineral or nutrient before buying up the supplement store. (more…)

Product Review: LiviaOne Liquid Probiotics and Enzyme Energy Blend

FullSizeRender[2]Although the majority of health supplements available on the market today are a total waste of money don’t live up to their claims (some don’t even contain the ingredients of the actual supplement that’s supposed to be in the bottle), there are a few I take based on sound research, my doctor’s recommendations and my own personal experience.

Aside from vegan protein powder and spirulina in smoothies on occasion when I’m training and not eating very balanced, the only other supplements I take are a DIM-blend for my skin (It was my last resort to clear up my skin aside from taking Accutane… and it actually frickin’ worked.) and probiotics for my temperamental stomach. Since probiotics were already a part of my health regimen, I agreed to test a new raw, organic liquid probiotic from LiviaOne.

LiviaOne is a clear, tasteless, certified organic liquid probiotic that doesn’t require refrigeration, which is a bonus. According to the company, because LiviaOne Probiotics are “USDA Certified Organic, raw, living and active, they are more effective than any other product at breaking through stomach acids and getting into your intestinal tract.”

The dropper was definitely quicker and easier to use than taking a pill, but at $50 for a month’s supply, I’m not sure it’s entirely worth the cost. I took the product for three weeks and didn’t notice any difference or improvements in digestion… so that’s a good thing, I guess? Perhaps if I hadn’t been taking probiotics before I would have noticed a difference. In all honesty, I’d rather spend $15 on my month’s supply of pills than spend $50 on a liquid formula. It might be worth it if you don’t like taking pills, or perhaps if you are giving it to a child. The company says you can add a few drops to a cold drink, but not to add it to a hot beverage as the heat could damage the living organisms. (more…)

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