{thinking out loud} My thoughts on Instagram model Essena O’Neill and cultivated social media personalities

gymselfie1I’m sure we’ve all heard the story by now about Instagram model Essena O’Neill, an Australian teenager with over half a million followers who decided to quit the social platform in a blaze of glory, but not before showcasing what really goes on behind the cultivation of each picture-perfect shot by editing the captions.

โ€œSee how relatable my captions were โ€“ stomach sucked in, strategic pose, pushed up boobs. I just want younger girls to know this isnโ€™t candid life, or cool or inspirational. Itโ€™s contrived perfection made to get attention,” she writes.

While some people applaud her for her honesty and exposing the truth behind those seemingly perfect yet staged Instagram photos (where she was often paid up to $2,000 by a brand to wear their clothing in the post), others have slammed her for blaming social media on her problems and causing a stir just to get even more media attention.

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