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Year-end check in: Did I achieve my 2015 goals?

The start of my consistent yoga practice this January

The start of my consistent yoga practice this January

In January of this year, I shared three goals I hoped to achieve by December 31, 2015: master some variation of the scorpion pose and hold it for 10 seconds, grow my client base at Koru Personal Training, and get a consistent meditation practice going.

Before I get into how I did this year, I’m kicking myself now for not adding GET INTO THE BOSTON MARATHON as one of my 2015 goals. Although I achieved my 2014 goal of qualifying in October last year, I missed getting in by 1 minute and 25 seconds. Not that it was in my control, but you better believe I’m going to be much more specific with my 2016 goals (more on those to come next week).

So how did I do this year?


#WorkoutWednesday: Running, weight lifting and yoga workout program – How to fit it all in

IMG_6912I often get emails from people looking for advice about how they can fit running, weight lifting and yoga in each week without overdoing it, especially when you you have conflicting goals, such as training for a half marathon and doing your 200-hour yoga teacher training course at the same time.

The short answer I usually give is to just focus on one — whatever your priority fitness goal is at that time — and adjust your schedule as your goals change. Unlike training for a triathlon, combining running, lifting and yoga together is essentially concurrent training (where you simultaneously train for adaptations associated with resistance and endurance training), which can lead to overtraining syndrome and a decrease in performance. That said, there is a way to combine the three activities, depending on what your priority is at the time, to maximize the benefits of each and to stay safe in the process. (more…)

A day in the life of a running lifting yogi

Photo credit: Will Winter Photography

Photo credit: Will Winter Photography

Since last week I blogged about what a typical day of meals looks like for this trail-running, strength-training, personal-trainer yogi, I thought I would show you what a typical schedule looks like for me, too. I love reading about how other bloggers and fitness professionals spend their time โ€“ although many of us share the same passions, have busy day-to-day lives and still somehow manage write blog posts multiple times per week, how we go about getting it all done is so different.

I feel like I should preface my daily schedule by mentioning that I currently live alone, only have my dog with me on weekends (my parents like to keep him around for company during the week), donโ€™t have kids, have a long-term boyfriend and am a crazy-early riser. So donโ€™t be alarmed be my unsual waking and working hours ๐Ÿ™‚ (more…)

{thinking out loud} Are you self-creating stress?

First of all, thank you everyone for your kind words, texts and comments about last week’s {thinking out loud} post. The positive vibes really did help ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m feeling much more content about things this week, though not quite out of the woods yet. But that’s life, right?


Thanks Amanda for the link-up ๐Ÿ™‚ (more…)

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