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Fitness Friday: With 3 days to go until the Victoria Marathon, guess who gets sick?


Well… I almost made it.

I’ve been feeling off for the last week or so since my half marathon PR race, and have being taking it easy with lots of rest aside from my scheduled workouts to help prevent whatever I seemed to be fighting from turning into illness.

I felt like I was winning until late Wednesday when I got a headache after lunch that stuck around until the evening. I felt a bit stuffy and “off”, but nothing I didn’t think a good sleep might fix. I went to bed at 9 pm, and as soon as my head hit the pillow, one sinus plugged up πŸ™

I felt like I had a head cold when I woke up but slightly better after a shower, so I went into work. My symptoms progressively got worse (sneezing, stuffy and runny nose, headache) as the day went on, so I went home. I felt bad for my coworkers since I was lecturing everybody for the past few weeks at work about how you should stay home when you’re sick so you don’t spread germs around the office and how I have a race coming up and don’t want to be sick… then I get sick and come in anyways. Sorry, everyone!

My plan for the rest of the week is to just rest, stay hydrated and get better for Sunday. If things improve by Saturday, I might attempt a short run, but honestly, at this point, running will do more harm than good. I’ve been here before (getting sick days before a race) and know that rest is best.

Here’s how my last week of marathon taper went:


How sick is too sick to run?

All dressed up and nowhere to run. Had to get all cleaned up for a photo shoot today, hence the make-up and workout gear.

All dressed up and nowhere to run. Had to get all cleaned up for a photo shoot today, hence the make-up and workout gear. This is my sad face right now.

You know that whole neck-rule thing when it comes to sickness and running — if the illness in the neck or above you’re good to run, but if the illness is below the neck you should probably rest?

Well, if you decide to run 24 km while the illness is still located in the safe zone above your neck you might just make it worse like I did last weekend. It’s now in my chest, and I have a 27 km run planned for this weekend.

There’s a really nasty summer cold going around right now, and my boyfriend came down with it just before our camping trip two weeks ago. He’s only JUST feeling back to normal this week, whereas my cold — which I got a few days later — has only gotten worse. It started as a very sore throat, then the worst sinus pressure I think I’ve ever had. I was stuffed up and useless for three days, and have been hacking up digustingness for two weeks now. (more…)

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