I knew I would fall behind in my goal of writing one post per week.  It’s okay though, because not much has happened.  Just a lot of school, running and eating.  I heard that people new to marathons tend to gain weight when you train, which makes sense to me now, because I am constantly ravenous it seems.  All this running seems to  justify my recent indulgences coconut gelato… calories in, calories out, right?

I’m fairly excited about my writing classes so far.  Our assignment for my creative non-fiction class is to write the first two chapters of a novel we may or may not end up writing.  I have an idea, but I’m not sure if it will transfer into a novel…maybe a nice short story though.  It’s nice to finally have the opportunity to write… it’s funny, I always get jealous when I hear about young authors winning awards or having their work published…but really, I haven’t even attempted to write anything that wasn’t a school assignment, cover letter or blog post.  The only publishable piece I wrote was a magazine article on an obsessive compulsive disorder for a women’s health magazine.  Of course, being an assignment – that I actually ended up getting %100 on – I never did anything with it other than hand it in to the teacher.  I might put it up on here, because it’s something I would like others to read, more for the information than anything else.

Web design class is a thorn in my side – not because I don’t understand technology, but because I like to learn and know things right away by clicking around rather than reading directions.  Honestly, who actually reads the manual?  I like to figure things out on my own in time, but we don’t have that luxury in class, so I better hurry up and understand how to put my html files on the web properly.  Also, if anyone has a Dreamweaver key they would like to donate to me, I will love you forever 🙂

Back to running – today was the last big run before the half.  Everything felt great, had loads of energy and minimal knee pain.  I would still like to get some of those technical running capris with the knee support…it’s also getting chillier in the  mornings, and shorts are not warm enough.  Ran a 22km in 2:12, and I think I was about 2:07 for the half marathon mark.  I want to be at 2:05, or even 2, but I don’t think I can muster that unless the route has less hills…which reminds me, I should probably take a look at the route to see what to expect!

20 km worth of beer

I wonder if two days of Beerfest will set me back in my training..I don’t even like beer, why did I go both days??

Just a sample of the 2009 Great Canadian Beer Festival go-ers

Love the homemade capes (one had “Dirt Bag” written on the back).  Other costumes included a giant banana, lots of lederhosen, and a panada.  Beerfest on Saturday has basically become a pre-Halloween party – which is fun and all – but if you are in it for the beer, Friday is your best bet; less people, less debauchery, more beer and shorter line ups.

Some of the highlights for myself, a non-beer drinker, included the black cherry and raspberry beer at Lindeman’s booth  (an Australian brewery), and the Jamaican Hibiscus beer – both of which we will begin carrying at Cascadia Liquor.  They are 11% and taste more like a sparkling juice than a beer, which was fine by me! 

Prior to checking out Beerfest on Friday, I ran 20 km at Elk Lake in 1:57.  My goal is to do the half marathon in 2 hours…I’m so close! 

I started out a lot faster than previous runs, which might be why I felt decent until the last 3 kms, then things started to hurt.   I also swallowed a massive bug – sucked that thing right down into the back of my throat.  I downed a bunch of water but I swear it was still alive,  trying to make its way up out of my throat for at least a kilometer.  I tried coughing it up (in an effort to conserve my water supply – I was only 10km in at that point) but that started to throw off my breathing and make other runners look at me with concern…ugh.  I thought at the end of my run I would cough bugs up everywhere, a la The Green Mile.  Thankfully, I regained my focus and forgot about the bug just long enough to finish my run. 

This Friday will be a 22 or 23, then I will start to taper down from there.  I don’t know what I’m going to do when the race is over…I love having something to work towards!!  I’m going to sign up for the Bear Mountain 10 km I think, I heard that run is pretty grueling. 

By the way, if any of you haven’t found this website yet, you should check it out – – I uploaded some of my routes on there, although the distance seems a bit off.  It’s a searchable database of cycling/running/walking routes in your area that shows distance, terrain, times, calories burnt, etc. using a Google map.  I was hoping to find another 20km route NOT on roadways, but no such luck yet.  Looks like it will be Elk Lake again this Friday!

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