Why you don’t need to lose weight

DON'TI often tell my clients not to let numbers define them. Not their age, not their basal metabolic rate, not how many kilometres they can run, not how many reps they can do in a set, not their weight.

Numbers are arbitrary, and I think most of us know by now that even though weight can be considered as a small, measurable factor in the bigger picture of your health, it does not define you. It’s only a small piece of a larger, more complex puzzle, and a number on a scale should not be a milestone to reach in an effort to be your best self. It’s fine to have aesthetic goals, but I always ask my clients to choose non-aesthetic goals as well, such as their energy levels, how they feel, how flexible they are, if they can easily keep up with their kids, etc., in order to measure their success. (more…)