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#FitFashion Black Friday: Deals and discounts on all my favourite things!

blackfridayYeah yeah, I know… Black Friday = evil first-world consumerism. But that doesn’t mean you can’t support amazing local companies or companies with awesome products who are doing nice things for the world, such as supporting local artisans in Costa Rica or using recycled materials and offsetting their energy consumption with renewable energy credits.

Since I like to vote with my dollar and support amazing companies, and because I want other people to save money at a financially stressful time of the year, I’m going to pass some of the deals and discount codes I received via email subscription this morning and other social channels along to you! Happy shopping 🙂 (more…)

#FitFashion Friday Feature: The best sports bras for every size

boobcollageBouncing. Chafing. Swoobage. Back pain. Pancaking. Potential suffocation during downward dog …

Yes I’m talking about boobs, and what happens when you don’t contain them properly during exercise.

A good sports bra is one of the most important pieces of workout gear for women, and one of the hardest things to shop for. While you may be tempted to shop by style and what will look awesome under your tank top at the gym, the reality is everybooby—I mean, everybody—is different, and a bra with a customized fit that keeps everything comfortably in place during your workout should be your number one priority.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you need to rock the super supportive beige granny bra during your workout. Thankfully, there are a few apparel companies that make sports bras that are both functional and stylish.

Not sure what brand of sports bra would be best for your cup size and the type of activities you do? Read on to hear from nine women of all shapes and cup sizes who participate in a variety of activities—from ultra marathons and triathlons to weight lifting and Jazzercise—about some of the common issues they’ve experienced and what brands and types of sports bras they recommend. (more…)

#FitFashion Friday Feature: Michi by Canadian designer Michelle Watson

Edgy, biker-chic styles by Michi.

Edgy, biker-chic styles by Michi.

I recently discovered the online store Carbon38.

Quick, hide my credit card!

That’s where I found these gorgeous clothes by Toronto-based designer Michelle Watson. You could easily wear many of her pieces as part of a statement outfit, or even out for a night on the town thanks to their sophisticated, edgy look. I particularly love the cut-outs on the sports bras and colour blocks on the leggings. At $129 for a sports bra and close to $200 for a pair of leggings, though, Michi is definitely a splurge. But, that’s the price you pay for designer clothes that aren’t made in a sweatshop overseas.

Though I couldn’t find any details about Michi’s manufacturing processes, as mentioned above, the clothes are all made in Canada. And they’re awesome-looking. Check out the rest of her collection on her website.


#FitFashion Friday: Run Lift Yoga Wear

A few weeks ago I ask you to help me design a t-shirt for my personal training business. The slogan Run. Lift. Yoga. was the winner, but I loved all the suggestions so I opened a store at!

I created a whole bunch of men’s and women’s t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, leggings and tank tops for all you fitness-loving, weight lifting runner yogis out there. Most are performance shirts so you can get your sweat on in them. There are also several eco-friendly options available. If there is something in particular you want (a specific design on a specific shirt), let me know and I’ll make one for you!

You can order any of the shirts in sizes small to extra large and in the colour of your choice from


#FitFashion Friday: Oiselle

mestandingThough it might not be obvious to those who see me day-to-day, I love fashion and they way clothes look on the body — but not in the sitting-at-a-desk, walking-to-the-car or just-standing-there kind of way. I like the look of clothes on bodies in motion, hence why my wardrobe is 80% workout gear, 10% office attire and 10% casual clothes and dresses. I don’t bat an eye at $110 workout pants, yet struggle to spend more than $40 on a pair of pants for work. I own three pairs of heels, and 20 pairs of running shoes. Laundry day is hell because all that spandex and sweat-wicking material is hang-to-dry. Some people call it lazy fashion, but I don’t like to think of it like that. I’d rather be spending my day in motion instead of sitting in an office, so why not spend the money on the clothes you know you’ll get the most out of? Plus, I think we can all agree spandex is more comfortable than a structured cotton pencil skirt.

That said, I’m going to start a new Friday feature on my blog highlighting some of my favourite functional workout gear and things I’m coveting at the moment. (more…)

Help me design a t-shirt!

Well, do you?

Well, do you?

Calling all sporty fashionistas and fitness enthusiasts who’ve always wanted to sport their own clever workout slogan on a shirt — I need your help!

I need to make a t-shirt or tank top as part of my new business venture with Victoria Professional Self Defence. When you sign up for a membership with the dojo, you get a karate gi (which is awesome) and a shirt, and I want to provide some awesome workout tank tops or t-shirts for my personal training clients as well. I’m trying to come up with something to print on the front of the shirt, with my Koru Personal Training logo on the back. I would love your opinion, so if you have a minute to spare please fill out the poll below and let me know what you’d actually wear on a t-shirt! (more…)

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